NAGAP offers regular webinars as part of a benefit to its members. Starting in 2018, webinars will be offered to members at no cost with a forthcoming fee for non-members. All archived webinar recordings will be provided here free of charge for your continued reference as a member of NAGAP.

NAGAP Monthly Webinars

March 13, 2019: Supporting Our Trans Students as They Navigate the Admissions Process

December 11, 2018: Who’s Afraid of Financial Aid: Graduate Merit Scholarships and How They Work

September 26, 2018: International Graduate Student Enrollment: Challenges, Opportunities and Projections

November 27, 2018: Maximizing Your Impact at Work: Getting the Most from NAGAP Professional Development Events

October 30, 2018: From Prospectives to Alumni: A Mission Driven Approach to Serving Graduate Students

NAGAP/Carnegie Dartlet Digital Marketing Series

May 31, 2018: Digital Marketing Webinar #1: Advancing Your Social Media Strategies for Graduate Recruitment>

June 21, 2018: Digital Marketing Webinar #2: SEO, PPC, and Your Website – Working Together for Grad

July 24, 2018: Digital Marketing Webinar #3: Emerging Digital Trends & Strategies for Graduate Enrollment

August 16, 2018: Digital Marketing Webinar #4: Google Analytics and Measurement: A Grad View

NAGAP Conference Information

August 1, 2018: Creating a Proposal for the 2019 NAGAP Annual Conference

NAGAP Resources

May 29, 2018: Uncovering the Brand New GEMCAT Salary Research Tool